Using a Form of Real Name When Registering

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Using a Form of Real Name When Registering

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We use real names on The Pyrex Collector Forums because, in our experience on other forums over many years, it has proven to keep the atmosphere and discussion more personal and friendly.

For example, you may use any of the following name formats:

First and last name, or first initial and last name:

John Smith
J Smith
J. Smith

Or first and middle initial and last name:

JB Smith

If you are not comfortable using your last name, you may use first name and A last initial:

John S.
Jane S

*Please use capitalizations where appropriate when entering your user name, just like you would if printing your name. It makes for a more normal-looking displayed name, and you don't have to remember to use them when logging in, e.g. "JBSmith" can log in using "jbsmith".

Think of it in the same way as if you entered into a social setting in person. If someone asked you to introduce yourself, you would most likely reply, "My name is John Smith." not, "My name is js72309".

Examples of forms of real first names that will be approved:

Bob, Jack, Bill, Will, Joe, Beth, Becky

Examples of user names that will not be approved:

PyrexLover, Bubba, DowntownDave, TomTerrific, WillieBoy, JBS, J.B.S., Smitty, J@M3$, jsmth, JaneBS, SmithJB, a first name only, a last name only, a partial name or name fragment, your online gaming or made up sci-fi fantasy character name, your pet's name, a "pet" name, professional titles, military ranks, city or state names, etc. (i.e. no "nicknames", "screen names", "handles", titles, or other "creative" variations)

If your registration is declined, you will receive an email explaining that the user name entered did not conform to the policy. The registration will be deleted, removing your email address from the database, so that you may register again, using a version of your real name in the Username field that can be approved.

*Please note that there are occasionally registrations that are deleted because they are not recognized as a form of real name, even though they actually are. Another good reason to use capitals where appropriate.

If your preferred user name is already in use by another member, you'll receive an error message when submitting your registration. Please choose a different name format from the list above.

If you are unable to provide an acceptable form of your real name as your user name, please feel free to continue to enjoy the forum as a read-only guest.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about this policy.
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