Update on my collection

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Hannah Miller
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Update on my collection

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I have had to decide to only get Pyrex if I find amazing deals. Unfortunately, I don't have enough room to store all that I want :lol: Some deals that I've found are the set of 1950 primary bowls for $36, and I found 2 Harvest bowls for 3.54! I found the primary's discounted at an antique store. In my area, I usually see them for an average of $80 in regular condition. As for the others, I got lucky and found them at a Goodwill. I'm curious as to what are the average prices that everyone sees the primary bowls in their areas?
Doug D.
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Re: Update on my collection

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$80 for a Multicolor 400 set in VG condition seems about right. They would need to be perfect to be any higher, but I think I would be reluctant to pay too much more in any case. Maybe for a perfect set of unnumbered.
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