Wasn't even looking...

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Nichole M
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Wasn't even looking...

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I found this larger rectangle fridge dish being used as a outdoor dog water dish at the house of a friend of a friend. It matches the two small ones I have been using as salt cellars for sea salt and kosher salts. I half jokingly mentioned that and offered to replace the dog dish for the one they were using. Imagine my surprise when the guy agreed! The fellow even dug up the lid from the garage as he was using it to hold loose bolts and screws! I popped down the street to Goodwill, found a nice white milk glass round 1 1/2 qt unmarked dish for $1.19. The fellow was thrilled and said it suited his need much better and didn't look as frilly. He had been using the Pyrex one because it was heavy enough the dog didn't tip it over all the time. Win win!

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Re: Wasn't even looking...

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Pyrex is where you find it...
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