Pyrex Pattern: Homestead

Period of Production: 1976 - 1986*
Description: Stylized floral pattern in dark blue on speckled beige bowls reminiscent of then-popular Pfaltzgraff, originally with speckled beige lids and later (1978) with plain clear lids.

  • 471s in original pattern are seen both decorated and undecorated.
  • A "Country Kitchen Set" was offered consisting of a 402, 403, 475 and a 503 (as a rectangular casserole).
  • Round 480 sets and oval Cinderella casseroles seen speckled but without blue pattern.
  • Pattern changed to decoration in brown on plain beige bowls with amber glass lids ca. 1983, limited to nesting bowls, round Cinderella casseroles, and a 475 based Bake N' Carry set.