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In 1967, a handful of new shapes were added to the Pyrex line in the form of the Hearth Group collection. Two patterns were introduced: Brittany Blue and Federal Eagle. Each included deep-footed 1-1/2 and 3 quart mixing bowls and coffee mugs in two versions of their patterns. Brittany Blue also featured two casseroles in a new shape whose lids doubled as tart pans. The Hearth Group pieces were discontinued after 1968.

A Woodland Cinderella round casserole 480 set. Or is it? Most Pyrex opalware pattern color schemes include two contrasting or complementary base colors that alternate from one size bowl to the next. Woodland's two colors are a chocolate brown and a medium tan. These dishes should not be all the same color. The answer is that the middle casserole, the 474 size, is not from a 480 set. It was sold singly as a special, numbered 484. Other patterns which featured an opposite-hued 474 sold as a 484 include the 1979 revisions of Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green, and Autumn Harvest.

The Pink Butterprint Cinderella 470 round casserole set is among the pricier Pyrex collectibles, with the individual dishes often seen offered at $100 or more. In 1960, the set was available through the Top Value gift catalog stamp redemption program in exchange for a single filled book of stamps. One book of 1200 stamps equated to $120 in purchases from issuing retailers.

Nicknamed "Square Flowers" and "Dutch Clover", this alternate version Verde pattern was marketed through a trading stamp redemption program. The 024 2-quart round casserole is a harder to find model from the pattern collection. Even harder to find is the casserole with its original mounter cradle. The plain brown carton contains information placing it 1969 or after (probably 1970), but the design of the cradle is that of the 1962 Golden Tulip promo.

A lesson learned. If a venue has become the place you don't stop at anymore because "they never have any Pyrex", you should make a habit of occasionally stopping there anyway. When you do, you should also remember that other lesson you learned before, and open the doors and drawers of display cabinets. One of these things was only $7.