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1970 "Floral Bubbles". One of two promos with the decorative pattern printed on both the top and bottom of the lid, the other being 1969's "Spirograph". Another resource maintains the two-color pattern is deceptively printed only on the top, but under close inspection, it is definitely not. The same candle warmer cradle would also be paired with the 1971 Seville promo, and would be the last inclusion of such an accessory with any Pyrex promotional offering.

1962 Golden Classic. New cradle arrived today. And I do mean new. Never even had a candle lit in it. Still no original decorated lid, though. This cradle is very similar to the 1961 Golden Poinsettia's but with one important difference. The handle ends here are welded on top of the bars, not to their right angle-bent ends like the GP's. An obvious cost-cutting measure. Also, the vertical leg bars' ends inside the oval ring can easily scratch paint if care is not taken.

Pyrex 933 utility aka lasagna dishes. All but one originally sold as part of a three-piece Bakeware Set, along with a color-coordinated 922 square cake dish and a 913 loaf pan. The first, an Earthtones set in shades of rust red, burnt orange, and beige arrived in 1971, and was labeled simply "Brown" on cartons but was listed as Early American in catalogs. In early 1972, new sets included those for Verde, Daisy, and Horizon Blue, all undecorated solid colors. Later in 1972, sets in the Spring Blossom Green, Butterfly Gold ('72), and Snowflake Blue "Compatibles" patterns were added. Rather than a set, Friendship only offered a 933.

1962 Divided Buffet Server reunited with original cradle, same as that for 1960 Royal Wheat. The undivided lid is correct. Apparently, no one else was paying attention when a lot of mounters including this one and ones for the 1957 Opal Round and 1958 Golden Hearts went for a $6.50 minimum bid.

Sunday serendipity. Most places I look for Pyrex aren't open on Sundays, so a day trip on that day is unusual. Our itinerary took us past an "antiques & interiors" place I had largely written off since it had become more of the latter than the former. But it was right there, so we stopped. Many collectibles booths I was used to seeing were gone, replaced by shabby chic furniture. Those that remained had booth-wide discounts of 30-50%. I've had this 472 for months, and had little luck finding anything in any condition to flesh out the set. So I was surprised to find not one but both, and in perfect condition (a chipped lid notwithstanding).

The 933 oblong baking dish, better known as a lasagna pan, always looks quite large when photographed alone. But, in person, they never seem all that big. But when you set a 1-1/2 quart oval casserole in one, it again looks all the larger. Maybe it's like how the moon looks larger when viewed closer to the horizon than high overhead. The 933 is the only decorated Friendship that doesn't have the pattern in two colors.

I found the three smaller dishes at a bargain price months ago. But looking to eBay to hurriedly complete the set would have likely proved not only difficult but expensive. Sometimes things turn up where you least expect them, like when you're on an unplanned trip 1500 miles from home. Being patient netted me this mint condition set for a third of eBay prices.