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The 4-quart Pyrex Serving Casserole in the Early American pattern. Offered in the 1966 Blue Chip trading stamps catalog. Of the collection I have of about 50 such catalogs also including Gold Bond, Plaid, S&H Green and Top Value spanning the years 1949 to 1978, this piece appears in only the one referenced. Blue Chip was a California-based stamp program.

The Pyrex that Santa never brought, nor will he ever. I'm always perplexed by the fact that Corning confined Butterprint in pink to a single Cinderella casserole set in a trading stamp catalog in 1960. Maybe the fact that White Daisy on Pink and Pink Gooseberry existed, and would continue to exist until 1963 and 1966, respectively had something to do with it. Solid Pink was even there until 1963, so it may have been considered overkill to broaden the offering of Pink Butterprint. But then, we probably wouldn't see Pink BP 470 sets on eBay asking $1200, either, I suppose. Oh, well...

Pink Gooseberry 1957-1966. Finally completed this set last month. Started in 2017 with the 444 and 442, found in a warehouse. Seller wanted $21 for both, but took $20 because he didn't want to have to make change. The 441 found in a junk shop in 2019 for $14. The 443 found last month in an antique place, and of course I paid more for it than the other three combined. Just how it goes sometimes. Still happy to be all-in for under $75.

1967 Olive Medallion 043 promo. Also an 045 version marketed the same year. Light olive green decoration on ivory. Found as dish only in great condition at a consignment store. The cradle is the same as Golden Wreath (also 1967) and Regency (1965). A slightly different version, an 045 with gold on ivory and supplied with a wooden tray, was marketed in Canada the following year.


1960 through the mid-1970s saw a few iterations of the "4-Quart Casserole with Cradle" featuring a 404 round bowl, the cover from a 3-quart round casserole and this cradle. First in 1960 with the "Golden Pine" promo. then a less frequently seen gold-on-tan "Hex Signs*" (1965), followed by an Early American version (1966), a Verde SP version (1971), and finally this Spring Blossom Green version through the early 1970s, the last four being offered through the Blue Chip stamp redemption program.


Spotted this orphaned Dainty Maid cradle on eBay last week. Until its "Turquoise Diamonds" bowl turns up somewhere, this plain opal 403 will have to serve as a placeholder. Seen marketed concurrently in separate ads for Mothers Day 1960 were the Dainty Maid Oven Proof Casserole and a similarly decorated Pyrex juice carafe and glasses set, the latter's decoration having starbursts interspersed among the diamonds.

A wholly unexpected find at the old thrift store this morning, these two UK Pyrex 535 Easy Roast dishes. JAJ, ITW, in the USA. Cottage Rose and Market Garden/Tuscany (both names are correct) patterns were early 1970s contemporaries, according to my copy of #dotsanddiamonds by @thatretropiece. Also available with high dome clear lids.