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Pyrex Solid Colors ID Chart

So, you've just found a solid color Pyrex bowl and you're not sure what pattern it goes with. Or you've found that promo casserole you've been wanting, but the dish color just doesn't look quite like the right one. You want to fill that open spot in your collection, but you don't want to waste the money on a mis-match. It can be vexing.

Multicolor and New Multicolor 401 blue bowlsMany pattern collections contained a number of solid-colored bowls or dishes with no applied decoration or for which the decoration was applied only to lids. Also a source of frustration for novice collectors is the fact that there are several pieces of the same shape and size whose shades differ only slightly but belong to different patterns.

The chart below will help you figure out what goes with what. Rather than just tell you that there are, for example, two different blue 401 bowls, it goes a step further to show you a visual representation of the unique shades of each.

Not only is the chart useful to help determine what pattern a particular piece goes with, it can also tell you what it does not. For example, even though the shade of green on the #403 from the Multicolor Set changed slightly over the years, it was never in any way like the medium avocado of the same model Verde bowl, the only other solid green 403. The same is true of the blue #401 from the original Multicolor Bowl Set in relation to its blue cousin from the New Multicolor Set. And, as another example, even though the green of Spring Blossom Green and the medium avocado of Verde are alike, the 063 divided casserole of the former is green while that of the latter is always yellow.

Note that there are a few instances where the same color and size bowl belongs to more than one pattern collection. They are placed adjacent to one another in the chart for clarity.

Remember that, with the exception of some very old pieces, the model numbers and capacities given will appear on the dish itself in the majority of cases, so you will want to verify shape and size before referring to the chart.

The chart colors aren't exact, but they are as close as the RGB-rendered versions of Pantone color chips the shades were chosen from will allow, and should give you better than coin flip odds when you don't have a similar color dish available with which to make a comparison. Color rendition may vary somewhat depending upon device used to view. Blue light filters common on many devices will also have a negative impact.

Solid color identification isn't as difficult as it might seem. In most cases. Of the 110 model/color categories listed, 67 of them have only a single possibility; 28 more only have two. Those most likely to cause frustration when there is no other to compare to are the two yellow 503s (Multicolor Set and Town & Country).

The Multicolor and Horizon Blue 502s often look remarkably similar; they can be differentiated by the Horizon Blue backstamp's inclusion of the capacity.

Note that variations in paint lots caused subtle differences in some shades. Conversely, some pieces that should be different colors can in some cases look remarkably the same. Some blue 401s from the original Multicolor Set, for example, might seem to pass for Horizon Blue, although no solid color 401 was ever offered for the latter's pattern collection.

The solid color dish you found may also have originally come with a decorated lid. Finding the correct one to go with it may prove more difficult and/or costly than you might want. Chart entries marked ⊛ came with decorated or painted lids for all or part of their production period.

Also bear in mind that photographs of actual pieces can often misrepresent their true color significantly. Camera quality, camera flash, and differences in ambient lighting can make a shade of color look very different from how it does in person. Be cautious when viewing photos of pieces for sale online, and don't be quick to make assumptions.

Hint: Enlarge swatches by holding down Ctrl and pressing "+" on your keyboard or by using a spread gesture on your touchscreen. PC users view additional color notes by hovering mouse pointer over swatch.

Nesting Round Mixing Bowls
#401 - 1½pt.
Blue Multicolor Set New Multicolor Set
Brown Town & Country
Green Verde SP
Red Poppy Red (single) CRS Red & Orange
Yellow Bright Yellow Set Verde Daisy Gold (single)
#402 - 1½qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled)
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde
Orange Town & Country New Multicolor Set CRS Red & Orange
Red Multicolor Set Poppy Red (single) Friendship
Yellow Bright Yellow Set Daisy Gold (single)
#403 - 2½qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled)
Green Multicolor Set Verde Verde SP
Orange Daisy
Red CRS Red & Orange
Yellow Bright Yellow Set Town & Country New Multicolor Set
#404 - 4qt.
Green Verde New Multicolor Set
Orange Daisy CRS Red & Orange Friendship
Red Red Single CRS Red Single
Yellow Multicolor Set Bright Yellow Set

Nesting Cinderella Mixing Bowls
#441 - 1½pt.
Brown Town & Country
Green Verde SP
Yellow Verde Daisy
#442 - 1½qt.
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde
Orange Town & Country Friendship
#443 - 2½qt.
Green Verde Verde SP
Yellow Town & Country Daisy
#444 - 4qt.
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde
Red Friendship

Cinderella Round Casseroles
#471 - 1pt.
Beige Homestead (speckled) ⊛
Blue Horizon Blue
Orange Friendship ⊛ Old Orchard ⊛
Yellow Verde ⊛ Daisy ⊛
#472 - 1½pt.
Green Verde ⊛
Orange Daisy ⊛ Old Orchard ⊛
Red Friendship ⊛
#473 - 1qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled) ⊛
Green Verde 470 Set ⊛ Crazy Quilt promo ⊛ Vintage promo ⊛
Red Celtic Floral* promo ⊛
Yellow Verde 480 Set ⊛ Daisy ⊛ Sol Flower* promo ⊛
#474 - 1½qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled) ⊛
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde ⊛
Orange Daisy ⊛
Red Friendship ⊛
#475 - 2½qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled) ⊛
Blue Spirograph* promo ⊛ Español promo ⊛ Country Blue
Green Verde ⊛
Grey Pueblo ⊛
Rust Country Cinnamon
Yellow Daisy ⊛ Nouveau Floral* promo ⊛

Oval Casseroles 043,045
#043 - 1½qt.
Blue Horizon Blue ⊛ New Holland ⊛
Blue/Purple Midnight Bloom* promo ⊛
Green Verde ⊛
Gold/Green Basket Weave ⊛
Light Blue Multitone Blue Blue Doily* promo
Orange Daisy ⊛ Friendship ⊛ Orange Fiesta* ⊛
Yellow Town & Country
#045 - 2½qt.
Beige Homestead (speckled) ⊛
Blue Multitone Blue Horizon Blue ⊛ New Holland ⊛
Green Verde ⊛
Light Blue Blue Doily* promo ⊛
Ivory Floral Bubbles* promo ⊛
Orange Town & Country Seville promo ⊛
Yellow Daisy ⊛
Red Friendship ⊛
Rust Navajo* promo ⊛

Oval 053 Open Baker & 063 Divided Casseroles
#053 - 1½qt.
Blue Princess Casserole ⊛
#063 - 1½qt.
Blue Royal ⊛ Multitone Blue Blue Ivy ⊛
Horizon Blue ⊛ Snowflake Blue ⊛ (marked 1qt.)
Green Spring Blossom Green ⊛
Orange Butterfly Gold '72 ⊛ Old Orchard ⊛
Red Friendship ⊛
Yellow Town & Country Verde ⊛ Daisy ⊛

Round Casseroles
#024 - 2qt.
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde/Avocado Green Single
Red Burgundy Red Single/Friendship
Yellow Yellow Pineapple

500 Series Refrigerator Storage Dishes
#501 - 1½C.
Beige Homestead (speckled)
Blue Horizon Blue
Brown Town & Country Old Orchard
Orange Friendship Old Orchard
Red Multicolor
Rust Autumn Harvest
Tan Woodland
Yellow Daisy Verde Verde SP
#502 - 1½pt.
Blue Multicolor Horizon Blue
Brown Old Orchard
Green Verde Verde SP
Orange Town & Country
Red Friendship Cooler Set
Yellow Daisy
#503 - 1½qt.
Black Brass N' Black (3rd party)
Green Verde
Orange Daisy
Red Cooler Set
Yellow Multicolor Town & Country

900 Series Baking Pans
#913 - 1½qt. Loaf Dish
Beige Early American/Brown
Blue Horizon Blue
Yellow Verde Daisy
#922 - 2qt. Cake Dish
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde
Orange Early American/Brown
Yellow Daisy
#933 - 3qt. Oblong Baking Dish
Blue Horizon Blue
Green Verde
Orange Daisy
Rust/Red Early American/Brown

*Pattern name is unofficial.
Supplied with painted or decorated lid for all or part of its production period.
SP = Trading stamp redemption program version.