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Pyrex Non-Standard Pattern Timeline

This timeline graph is designed to help visualize the order and years of release, as well as the duration of production of Pyrex Color Ware Non-Standard Patterns 1956-1983. To be considered non-standard or promotional, as opposed to standard, a pattern must have been available only for typically one season or a year, or have featured a decoration that was not also found in a standard pattern collection. Known specials are also included. Since many non-standard or promotional patterns were not given official names by the company, the names listed are those most often seen used in the collectibles marketplace.

Hover over timespan bars for enhanced legend. Pattern names link to more info.

Non-Standard Pattern ↓1953  ↓1956  ↓1960  ↓1964  ↓1968  ↓1972  ↓1975  ↓1980 

Heinz Promo
Opaque White Casserole
Super Deluxe Casserole (UFO*)
Black Tulip*
Cinderella Serving Bowl (Needlepoint)
Lace Medallion*
Opal Round Cradled Casserole
Pressed Flowers*
Cinderella Chip & Dip Set (Balloons*)
Cinderella Cradled Casserole
Cinderella Divided Serving Dish (Barbed Wire*)
Cinderella Electric Buffet
Cinderella Serving Casserole SS
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole (Golden Hearts*)
Hot 'N' Cold Chip and Dip
Mod Kitchen*
Rooster Black*
Buffet Twins
Cinderella Divided Serving Dish (Constellation*)
Cinderella Snack & Dip
Duet Casserole
Fish Dish
Golden Casserole
Golden Chip & Dip Set
Hospitality Casserole (Golden Branch*)
Lucky In Love
Serving Bowl (Scroll)
Snack Server (Compass*)
Twin Server
Cinderella Serving Casserole (Starburst*)
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole (Hex Signs*)
Floral Casserole (Green Honeysuckle*)
Golden Grapes* Chip & Dip Set
Golden Leaf Casserole
Holiday Casserole
Hospitality Casserole (Green Wheat*)
Princess Casserole
Royal Wheat Divided Serving Dish
Salad Bowl
Bride's Casserole
Cinderella Starter Set
Deluxe Buffet Server (Golden Poinsettia*)
Empire Scroll '61
Golden Pine
Gourmet Casserole
Hostess Casserole (Blue Wheat*)
Royal Serving Dish
Deluxe Hostess Casserole (Frost Garland*)
Divided Buffet Server (Scroll*)
Early American Oval Casserole
Golden Classic
Golden Scroll Casserole Set
Golden Tulip
Medallion Casserole
Pink Stems*
Early American Chip & Dip
Blue Tulip*
Ivy* Chip and Dip
Empire Scroll '65
Golden Bouquet (Blue)
Gold Scroll On Green
Blue Ivy
Golden Bouquet (Ivory)
Golden Rose
Golden Wreath
Olive Medallion
Blue Doily*
Golden Rosette*
Nouveau Floral*
Pineapple Casserole
Sol Flower*
Verde Round Casserole
Celtic Floral*
Golden Garland*
Midnight Bloom*
Avocado Round Casserole
Basket Weave
Floral Bubbles*
Horizon Blue Promo Casserole
Oval Casserole w/Serving Basket (Daisy)
Penn Dutch
Crazy Quilt
Green Casserole
Green Salad
Kim Chee
Moon Deco
Orange Fiesta*
Pineapple Party
Red Casserole
New Holland
Designer Collection Daisy
Terra Cotta Rose
Bake 'N' Carry Ivory
Bake 'N' Carry Rust
Bake 'N' Carry Yellow
Stack 'N' Snack
Bake N' Carry Country Blue
Bake N' Carry Country Cinnamon

Non-Standard Pattern ↑1953  ↑1956  ↑1960  ↑1964  ↑1968  ↑1972  ↑1975  ↑1980