Pyrex Alternate Version Patterns

There exist two Pyrex opalware patterns which, despite their differences in decoration, shared the same name and were marketed during the same time frame.

Town & Country

The first was Town & Country, beginning in 1963. The "standard" version, as it is known, had bowls in solid colors (401, 402, 403, 441, 442, 443), with the so-called "large" pattern (043, 045, 063, 444), and with the "small" pattern (471, 472, 473, 474, 475). The two-color large pattern was only applied on plain opal. The small pattern consisted of a decorative element extracted from the large pattern, and was restricted to the 470 series Cinderella round casseroles.

Concurrently, the "alternate" pattern was being offered through trading stamp redemption programs such as S&H Green Stamps. This version contained only plain opal pieces all decorated in the large pattern. But, unlike the brown and orange large pattern of the standard version, this version's were in either orange or brown.

The alternate pattern version's cost of production was reduced by (1) not first painting the bowls in a base color, and (2) confining the decoration to a single color per piece, eliminating the second screen printing pass to apply the other color.

Shapes included in the standard version but absent from the alternate include the 471, 472, and 045. The standard version included no 404; the alternate version did, but only as a cradled, covered casserole promo.

Curiously, pieces from the Town & Country standard version are also seen in trading stamp program catalogs.


Between 1966 and 1972, two versions of Verde were also marketed. The "standard" version contains bowls only in various shades of green, the decoration being confined to an "olives" pattern applied initially only to oval opal lids, but which later replaced the plain clear lids of the Cinderella round casseroles as well.

This alternate version, like that of Town & Country, was also distributed through trading stamp programs. Like that alternate version, it contained bowls in plain opal decorated in a single color. Unlike that alternate version, it included solid colors in the medium avocado shade from the standard version on the 402, 441, and 443. 501s and 502s from this version are the same as those of the standard version. The "square flowers" decoration of this Verde was derived from the short-lived Autumn Harvest pattern.


Also worth mentioning are some alternate version bowl or casserole sets either marketed through trading stamp programs or as limited time specials. A Butterprint 440 Cinderella nesting bowl set in all orange on plain opal was offered through a stamp program. Both a Butterprint 470 Cinderella round casserole set and a 440 Cinderella nesting bowl set were produced in all turquoise on plain opal as special offers, it would appear.

Two other patterns, Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green, also had more than one version, but they were not alternates. Both initially released in 1972, each underwent a revision in base color and decoration in 1979. Both revisions also experienced sharp reductions in the variety of shapes offered, with no 404, no 024, no ovals or bakeware, and no refrigerator sets produced.