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Definitions, Acronyms, & Abbreviations

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$Pyrex$ (n.) - Collector term for early Pyrex backstamp with CG monograms


Agee (n.) - Pyrex line made in Australia, "A.G." purportedly standing for Australian Glass
Aluminosilicate Glass (n.) - Glass formulation used to make Pyrex Flameware
Americana (adj.) - More style than pattern, color mixing bowls with rim band left bare opal white


Backstamp (n.) - Term for trademark and other model information embossed on the bottoms of Pyrex and other ware
Bake, Serve, and Store (n.) - Cinderella set of three round, covered cylindrical bowls
Bluebelle (n.) - A pale blue tinted opal Pyrex glass aka Delphite Blue
Borosilicate Glass (n.) - Original composition of clear Pyrex ovenware marketed 1915 to mid-1940s
Buffet Twins (n.) - Set consisting of two 1-quart casseroles with clear lids and a serving cradle
Butterprint (adj.) - Pattern with farming/rural/country/Amish imagery


Calexium (n.) - Transparent version of Pyroceram from which Corning Visions cookware is made
Ceramming (n.) - Heat process by which glass is transformed into a glass-ceramic, as with Corning Ware
CG Monogram (n.) - Symbol seen on early Pyrex backstamps often mistaken for and referred to as a dollar sign
Charcoal (adj.) - Term used to denote color black on Pyrex ware
Chemex (n.) - E flask and funnel shaped Pyrex drip coffee maker
Chip & Dip (n.) - Promo set consisting of a small and large mixing bowl and bracket to hold the smaller on the rim of the larger
Cinderella (n.) - Pyrex style with flared bowl rims forming opposing pour spouts and handles, and other associated pieces
Clear Bottom Bowls (n.) - Clear Pyrex nesting rimmed mixing bowls painted in various colors with bottoms left unpainted
CMOG (n.) - Corning Museum of Glass located in Corning, NY
Corelle Brands (n.) - Name of licensed marketer of Corning consumer products 2018 to present
Corning Crown (n.) - Dinnerware and ovenware line produced in plain opal glass with stripe accents in gold or platinum leaf
Crazy Daisy (n.) - Name erroneously applied to various flowery Pyrex patterns, none being officially so-named
Crazy Quilt (n.) - Lid-only promotional pattern consisting of blue squares and circles around green pinwheels


Decorator Casserole (n.) - Various covered oval casseroles offered with metal cradles
Desert Dawn (n.) - A speckled color finish originally offered in pink and yellow
Dinnerware (n.) - Pieces like plates, serving bowls, cups, saucers, etc.
Display (v.) - A Pyrex piece is said to display well if its defects are not obvious under normal lighting
Divided Casserole (n.) - Cinderella shallow oval casserole with divider and divided cover
Divided Server (n.) - Cinderella divided casserole without cover with serving cradle
Duran (n.) - Trade name for borosilicate glass developed and marketed by Schott AG
DWD (n.) - Dishwasher Damage


Etching (v.) - Decorative technique involving acid or sandblasting used on early clear Pyrex ware


Fauxpal (n.) - Term for a piece not originally made in plain opal that has been completely stripped of color
Fire-King (n.) - Trademarked name of Anchor Hocking glassware product similar to Pyrex
FlameGlo (adj.) - Pyrex color consisting of a gradient of red, orange, and brown
Flameware (n.) - Pyrex aluminosilicate glassware designed for stovetop use
Flavor-Saver (adj./n.) - Pie plate with handles and a fluted edge said to help retain flavorful juices
Flea Bite (n.) - Small nick, usually in rim of clear Pyrex lid, more easily felt than seen
Frankenset (n.) - Term for a group of pieces offered as a set that were not originally sold as such
Fridgies (n.) - Collector slang for the various pieces from the #500 refrigerator storage dish set


Gaffer (n.) - Another name for a glass-blower
GB (n.) - Gooseberries abbreviation
Glasbake (n.) - Pyrex ovenware competitor, first marketed by McKee Glass Co. in 1917
Gradient (n.) - A gradual transition of color across a single piece
Graduated (adj.) - A stepped transition of color across multiple sizes of the same style piece


Heinz Forest Green (adj.) - Color of 1953 promotional pieces designed for H.J. Heinz Co.
HG (n.) - Abbreviation for "Holy Grail", denoting a rare and highly desirable piece
Hostess Bowl/Casserole (n.) - Square, curved sided color ware bowl or, with matching cover, casserole
HTF (adj.) - Hard To Find


Item Number (n.) - Numeric or alpha-numeric designation used to identify a particular Pyrex set or promotional item


JAJ (n.) - James A. Jobling's, UK Pyrex licensee 1922 - 2007, aka Crown Pyrex
Jesse Littleton (n.) - Corning employee credited with recognizing potential for Nonex as cookware


Little Joe (n.) - Nickname for MacBeth-Evans trademark glass blower used on the backstamp of early Corning opal ware
Lucky In Love (n.) - Promotional pattern with pink hearts and green four leaf clovers


MacBeth-Evans Glass Co. (n.) - Charleroi, PA competitor acquired by Corning Glass in 1936
Magic Cradle (n.) - Accessory cradle adjustable to fit various shapes and sizes of Pyrex ware
MCM (adj.) - Mid-Century Modern
Mixer Bowl (n.) - Wide-rimmed, straight sided bowl intended for use with electric hand mixer
Mixing Bowl (n.) - Wide-rimmed, curved -sided bowl intended for hand mixing
Model Number (n.) - Number used to designate a particular shape and size Pyrex piece
Mold Number (n.) - Alphanumeric characters other than model numbers, significant only for manufacturing controls
Monax (n.) - MacBeth-Evans opal glass formula which, with the addition of tempering, formed the basis for Pyrex opal ware
Mounter (n.) - Alternative term for cradle seen in some literature and advertising


Non-Standard (adj.) - Term denoting patterns used only on certain models or limited-run promotional pieces
Nonex (n.) - Tradename for borosilicate non-expansion glass developed by Corning in 1908


OOAK (adj.) - One Of A Kind
Opal (adj.) - Descriptor of the white glass of most Pyrex color ware bowls and some lids
Opaque (adj.) - Term for Pyrex glass which, while technically translucent, cannot be seen through, e.g. opal glass
Open Baker (n.) - Cinderella shallow oval casserole sold without a lid as a baking pan
Otto Schott (n.) - German chemist inventor of borosilicate glass in 1893
Oven-Freezer-Server Set (n.) - Set of 2 oblong casseroles with 1 glass lid and 2 aluminum freezer covers
Oven-Refrigerator-Freezer Set (n.) - Four piece covered dish set commonly referred to as refrigerator storage dishes


Pattern (Graphic) (n.) - An applied decorative graphical figure or design
Pattern (Name) (n.) - In Pyrex terms, a named collection of coordinated pieces, either with or without applied decoration
Primary (adj.) - Term often applied to the original colors of the iconic set of four mixing bowls
Pyrex (n.) - Trademarked name of Corning Glass Works heat-resistant glassware
Pyrex Compatibles (n.) - Pyrex ware made in colors and with decoration to coordinate with Corelle dinnerware
Pyrexette (n.) - Set of clear Pyrex ovenware in miniature sold as toys
PyroCeram (n.) - Name for various glass ceramic products made by Corning, one of which being Corning Ware


Refrigerator Dish Set (n.) - Set of four covered rectangular dishes sized to stack the three smaller atop the largest


Snack Server (n.) - Promotional set consisting of oval divided casserole dish with wire carrying handle
Soda-Lime (n.) - Tempered glass composition of opal glass Pyrex and that of clear Pyrex ovenware sold in North America since mid-1940s
Space Saver (adj./n.) - Reduced size covered oblong casseroles, also used as basis for Oven-Freezer-Server set
Spirograph (adj.) - Lid-only pattern informally named for similarity to those made by the mechanical drawing toy
SS (n.) - Abbreviation for a Space Saver casserole
Standard (adj.) - Term denoting patterns used across most or all pieces of a regular production named collection
Stripped (adj.) - Term for a piece which has had its color finish removed leaving it opal white


Tabletop Ware (n.) - Accessory pieces like sugar bowls, creamers, S&P shakers, and butter dishes
Tableware (n.) - Items like S&P shakers, sugar bowls, creamers, etc.


Utility Lid (n.) - Flat topped lid with tab handles capable of also being used as a baking pan or trivet


Victor Cover (n.) - Name for higher profile lid available as an option on early clear Pyrex casseroles
Vitrelle (n.) - Laminated glass product of which Corelle is made


World Kitchen, LLC (n.) - Corning spin-off and name of licensed marketer of Pyrex brand kitchenware 1998-2018