Pyrex Pattern: Blue Stripe

Period of Production: 1966 - 1966
Description: 470 series Cinderella casseroles in medium blue with pale blue vertical stripes/bars reminiscent of UPC barcode. 470 and 480 sets were produced, and supplied with plain clear lids.
Notes: Besides the standard blue, other color combination sets are seen: a 470 set including a 471 pale yellow on dark avocado, a 472 orange on pale yellow, and a 473 dark avocado on orange; and a 480 set including a 473 medium avocado on black, a 474 blue on medium avocado, and a 475 black on blue. Note that in each set the stripe color corresponds to the base color of the next larger dish, and the largest dish's stripe color loops back to the base color of the smallest. Also seen are a 475 in blue and green, a 475 in light and dark orange, and a Terra-like handleless mug in light and dark orange, all on opal. None of these appear to have been regular production items.