Pyrex Pattern: Daisy

Period of Production: 1968-1973
Designer: Cynthia S. Gerow
Description: Solid color bowls and dishes in shades of bright orange, deep yellow and bright yellow. Daisy flower decoration in bright orange and yellow on lids only, and in a repeating pattern in yellow on orange 442, 444 bowls.

  • Round casserole lids were first produced in decorated clear glass, later, in mid-1972, in decorated opal glass.
  • Oval lids supplied in decorated opal only.
  • 500 refrigerator set is undecorated shades of orange and yellows.
  • 043 and 045 oval casseroles also sold individually with wicker baskets as gift sets.

Daisy Color Palette
Daisy Daisy Daisy Daisy

Shapes and sizes in this pattern:
Round nesting mixing bowls 300 and 400 sets: 401 bright yellow, 402 dark yellow, 403 orange, 404 dark orange
Cinderella round nesting mixing bowls 440 set: 441 yellow, 442 decorated orange, 443 yellow, 444 decorated orange
Cinderella round casseroles w/ clear or opal decorated lids 470 and 480 sets: 471 yellow, 472 orange, 473 yellow, 474 orange, 475 yellow
Oval casseroles with opal decorated lids: 043 orange, 045 yellow, 063 yellow undecorated
Refrigerator storage 500 set: 501 bright yellow, 502 dark yellow, 503 orange
Pixie casserole: 700 yellow
Bakeware 330 set: 913 bright yellow, 922 dark yellow, 933 orange