Pyrex Pattern: Town And Country

Period of Production: 1963-1967
Designer: ?
Description: Geometric cross-stitch pattern on opal and on decorated and undecorated shades of brown, yellowish-orange, and yellow. Most decorated pieces have the "large pattern" decoration, except the Cinderella round casseroles, which have the "small pattern" consisting of a band of an element taken from the large pattern.

  • 444 decorated with brown and orange "large pattern" on opal; rest of 440 set are solid colors.
  • Cinderella casseroles are all decorated with brown "small pattern".
  • 473 with 470 set is white, 473 with 480 set is yellowish-orange, making both sets' orange/yellow/white color sequence the same.
  • No decoration on 300 bowl set.
  • No 404 bowl.
  • 500 refrigerator set 501s/502/503 are solid medium brown/orange/pale yellow.
  • Any opal bowl with a large pattern in orange only or brown only belongs to the Town And Country SP pattern.

    Town And Country Color Palette
    Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country Town & Country