Pyrex Pattern: Verde Floral

Period of Production: 1966-1972
Description: Trading stamp program version offered concurrently with standard version. Green "square flowers" pattern on opal white bowls. Casserole lids are all undecorated, colorless glass.

  • Nesting sets alternate decorated with solid avocado (401,403,441,443) bowls.
  • 404 sold as covered casserole with cradle.
  • 470 and 480 sets all decorated on opal.
  • 500 refrigerator set with only 503 decorated, 501s greenish-yellow, and 502 avocado.
  • "SP" seen in item number indicative of distribution through trading stamp redemption programs.

Verde Floral Color Palette
Verde Floral Verde Floral (501 only) Verde Floral (502 only)

Shapes and sizes in this pattern:
Round nesting mixing bowls 300 set: 401 avocado, 402 decorated, 403 avocado
Cinderella round nesting mixing bowls 440 set: 441 avocado, 442 decorated, 443 avocado, 444 decorated
Cinderella round casseroles 470 and 480 sets: all decorated on opal
Oval casseroles: 043 and 045 avocado
Oval divided casserole: decorated on opal
Refrigerator set: 501 greenish yellow, 502 avocado, 503 decorated on opal
Round 024 casserole: decorated on opal with cradle
404 promo: decorated on opal with cradle