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Beyond the spectrum of solid-colored Pyrex kitchenware were literally dozens of collections with a variety of silk screen-applied decoration. Ranging from simple starbursts to intricate florals to complex geometricals, the decorations were applied in contrasting and complementary colors and also in gold leaf. Decorated Pyrex pieces, if rare and found in good condition, can be among the most valuable as collectibles.

It is important to note that, in Pyrex Ware terms, the term "pattern" has dual meaning. It is often used to refer to the silk-screened decoration itself. But, in a larger sense, "pattern" refers to a designed, coordinated set-- some pieces having decorative designs on them and some not-- offered together as a named collection. Perhaps the term came to be used for Pyrex ware much in the same way it is for china or flatware.

Pyrex patterns fall into four general categories: Standard, Alternate, Limited, and Non-Standard (aka promotional). And it can sometimes be confusing as to which category a particular pattern belongs.

Standard patterns are those whose collections were typically comprised of a full range of dishes and bowls, and were marketed for two or more years.

The standard patterns known as "Pyrex Ware Compatibles", whose decorations are complementary to certain Corelle patterns, include the widest range of models of dishes. These include Butterfly Gold '72, Spring Blossom Green '72, and Snowflake Blue.

Later patterns with Corelle counterparts included Woodland and Colonial Mist. Other standard patterns, while not exact duplicates, were marketed as coordinating with various Corelle patterns.

Alternate patterns are a sub-category of Standard. Few in number, they include variants of some standard patterns marketed through trading stamp redemption programs or as limited time offerings. Alternate versions of Verde and Town & Country were produced contemporaneously to their standard counterparts. Other examples include Butterprint sets decorated in all orange (440 set), pink (470 set), or turquoise (400, 440, 470 sets) with plain opal bases.

Limited patterns fall between standard and non-standard patterns. The decorative design or color scheme appeared for a year or more, but only on a specific set of bowls or on a selection of pieces far fewer than those of a more complete standard pattern collection. Examples would include Golden Acorn casseroles; the Multicolor, Dots, and Americana bowls; or the Golden Honeysuckle oblong casseroles. The short-lived Hearth Group collection would also fall into this category.

Some limited patterns came to be marketed as part of standard pattern collections, e.g. the autumn-hued Americana bowls added to Early American, or the Multitone Blue bowls, turquoise Snowflake casseroles, and turquoise Butterprint combined to create the eponymous "Turquoise" collection.

To keep it simple, the limited patterns are typically seen categorized with Standard patterns, although various sources contradict each other (and sometimes themselves) as to where they belong.

Non-Standard patterns, more often referred to as promotional pieces or "promos", were produced on usually only a single piece with an accessory, and typically offered as part of a grouping of several seasonal items in a single year. They far outnumber the standard and limited patterns, and tend to be among the more coveted as Pyrex ware collectibles.

Often a source of confusion, there doesn't seem to be a clear pattern to how pattern collections were composed. That is to say, the decorations did not always appear on the same style pieces across them all. Examples would be nesting sets with alternating decorated/undecorated bowls, or refrigerator sets with both plain and decorated dishes.

And, even among those named patterns having different versions, they are not necessarily found on the same style pieces in each. In one color version of the "Town & Country" pattern, the 400 series mixing bowls are in solid colors with no decoration, while, in the other, they are unpainted opal with the "Town & Country" graphics applied.

As another example, pieces that are part of the "Daisy" pattern are in shades of orange to yellow, a decorative design applied only to lids and to alternating Cinderella mixing bowls.

Then there is the original "Verde", with its unique "olives" decoration initially appearing on opal glass oval lids and only later on round Cinderella casserole lids.

To be even more confusing, patterns which were given no official name-- usually promotional pieces-- have had a variety of names made up for them by collectors and eBay sellers. While this can be an annoyance-- several different names for the same pattern-- it is often the only way some patterns can be referred to or searched for online.

Things To Know About Patterns

  • Some patterns' decorations are dish-only while others are lid-only, with a few seen on both.
  • Some patterns' lid decoration differs from that of the dish or bowl.
  • Some patterns on lids differ slightly from one size to the next.
  • Decorated nesting bowl sets often alternate base and decoration colors, meaning some combinations on certain sizes do not exist.
  • Some pieces were sold as open stock in colors opposite those sold with sets.
  • Contiguous patterns on bowls normally do not complete the entire circumference, Rainbow Stripe and Terra being two exceptions.
  • Patterns known as Pyrex Compatibles were made to go with existing Corelle dinnerware patterns.
  • Some patterns were only produced on a single style, size, and color promotional piece.
  • A few patterns, like Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green, underwent revisions to their color and decoration.
  • Variants of some patterns were available through store premium or stamp redemption programs.
  • Although "standard" patterns include more types of pieces, the number of them released pales in comparison to the number of "non-standard" patterns.
  • Partial or variations of pattern graphics are sometimes seen to make them fit better on a lid, on small pieces like storage ware, or on tableware.
  • Many promotional piece patterns were labeled on cartons generically, e.g. "Designer Collection" or "Hostess Casserole", and were given no specific official names.
  • Some patterns fall between standard and non-standard, being sold for longer than a season but only appearing on a limited group of pieces.
  • Some are actually third party products for which Corning supplied a custom decorated dish.
  • Names are often seen applied to a pattern that are not its official name, leading to confusion in the collectibles marketplace.
  • Some American-made pattern collections were sold in Canada under a different name.
  • Some patterns seen described as extremely rare may simply be UK JAJ or other non-US Pyrex pieces.

Pyrex Pattern Database

Pattern names listed below are those officially designated by Corning, if known, as seen either on cartons, in literature, or in advertising. Pattern names marked with a * are those often seen used for patterns which either had no official name or for which an official name has not been confirmed. Years of introduction listed may be best estimates.

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Multicolor Bowls (#400) -


Flamingo Bakeware (#) -
Lime Bakeware (#) -


Heinz Promo (#) -


Opal White (#4A) -


Desert Dawn (#) -


Opaque White Casserole (#) -
Snowflake (#WS,TS) -
Super Deluxe Casserole (UFO*) (#924CM,924-CW-19) -
White Daisy on Pink (#18WD) -


Black Tulip* (#943-M1) -
Butterprint (#TBP,19) -
Cinderella Serving Bowl (Needlepoint) (#443-CW, 575-M-1) -
Gooseberry (#) -
Lace Medallion* (#945-CW) -
Opal Round Cradled Casserole (#) -
Pressed Flowers* (#) -


Cinderella Buffet Set (#1995) -
Cinderella Chip & Dip Set (Balloons*) (#395-M) -
Cinderella Cradled Casserole (#983 M1) -
Cinderella Divided Serving Dish (Barbed Wire*) (#963M) -
Cinderella Serving Casserole SS (#575 M2) -
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole (Golden Hearts*) (#945CW1) -
Hot 'N' Cold Chip and Dip (#HC-9) -
Mod Kitchen* (#943-M-6) -
Rooster Black* (#) -


Bluebird (#943-M-8) -
Buffet Twins (#473-M) -
Cinderella Divided Serving Dish (Constellation*) (#963-CW) -
Cinderella Snack & Dip (#59-M) -
Dainty Maid Serving Bowl (Turquoise Diamonds*) (#) -
Duchess Casserole (#796) -
Duet Casserole (#963-CW-1) -
Fish Dish (#) -
Golden Casserole (#945-CW-2) -
Golden Chip & Dip Set (#3-gold) -
Hospitality Casserole (Golden Branch*) (#924-CW) -
Lucky In Love (#) -
Serving Bowl (Scroll) (#443-CW-1) -
Snack Server (Compass*) (#063-M) -
Twin Server (#472-M) -


Berries* (#) -
Deluxe Cinderella Casserole (Hex Signs*) (#68) -
Floral Casserole (Green Honeysuckle*) (#65) -
Golden Acorn (#21GA) -
Golden Grapes* Chip & Dip Set (#64) -
Golden Leaf (#67) -
Holiday Casserole (#63) -
Hospitality Casserole (Green Wheat*) (#66) -
Meadow (#943 M9) -
Princess Casserole (#62) -
Royal Wheat Divided Serving Dish (#61) -
Salad Bowl (#444SB) -
Starburst (#575-CW-1) -


Bluebelle (#) -
Bride's Casserole (#82) -
Cinderella Starter Set (#) -
Deluxe Buffet Server (Golden Poinsettias*) (#55) -
Empire Scroll '61 (#52) -
Golden Pine (#54) -
Gourmet Casserole (#56) -
Hostess Casserole (Blue Wheat*) (#51) -
Royal Serving Dish (#53) -
Sandalwood (#5) -
Zodiac (#57) -


Deluxe Hostess Casserole (Frost Garland*) (#96) -
Divided Buffet Server (Scroll*) (#88) -
Early American (#7) -
Golden Classic (#6462) -
Golden Scroll Casserole Set (#97) -
Golden Tulip (#6162) -
Medallion (#6362) -
Stems* (#943-M-10) -


Golden Honeysuckle (#) -
Town & Country (#11) -
Town & Country Alternate (#SP11) -


Blue Tulip* (#5164) -
Ivy* Chip and Dip (#5264) -
Terra (#T) -


Butterprint Orange (#440-SP) -
Empire Scroll '65 (#5765) -
Floral (#5465) -
Golden Bouquet (Blue) (#5565) -
Rainbow Stripes (#) -
Regency (#5665) -


Americana (#8) -
Autumn Floral (#15) -
Blue Stripe (#12) -
Gold Scroll On Green (#5166) -
Multitone Blue (#300-1) -


Blue Ivy (#5567) -
Brittany Blue (#) -
Federal Eagle (#) -
Golden Bouquet (Ivory) (#5267) -
Golden Rose (#5467) -
Golden Wreath (#5367) -
Olive Medallion (#5167) -
Saxony (#5667) -
Verde (#16) -
Verde Floral (#SP-16) -


Blue Doily* (#6268,6368) -
Daisy (#39) -
Dot Bowls (#20,21,22,30) -
Golden Rosette* (#6168) -
New Multicolor Bowls (#400) -
Nouveau Floral* (#6468) -
Pineapple Casserole (#5168) -
Sol Flower* (#6068) -
Verde Round Casserole (#5068) -


Celtic Floral* (#6169) -
Golden Garland* (#6669) -
Horizon Blue (#41) -
Midnight Bloom* (#5470) -
Spirograph* (#6469) -


Avocado Round Casserole (#984-) -
Basket Weave (#5570) -
Floral Bubbles* (#5870) -
Horizon Blue Promo Casserole (#5070) -
Oval Casserole w/Serving Basket (Daisy) (#6269/6369) -
Penn Dutch (#5770) -
Willow (#5370) -


Crazy Quilt (#5571) -
Decorated Mixer Bowls (#9300) -
Friendship (#45) -
Green Casserole (#984-47) -
Green Salad (#5471) -
Kim Chee (#5671) -
Moon Deco (#5771) -
Navajo* (#5171) -
Orange Fiesta* (#5071) -
Pineapple Party (#5371) -
Red Casserole (#984-32) -
Seville (#5871) -


Butterfly Gold '72 (#4) -
Old Town Blue (#5) -
Snowflake Blue (#2) -
Spring Blossom Green '72 (#1) -


Cosmopolitan (#H-109C) -
Español (#9173) -
Harvest (#9473/9673) -
New Holland (#9773) -
Raffia (#9073) -
Vintage (#9373) -


FlameGlo (#46) -
Old Orchard (#47) -
Pueblo (#9573) -


Homestead (#48) -


Designer Collection Daisy (#4078) -
Dynasty (#4278) -
Spices (#4378) -
Terra Cotta Rose (#4178) -
Wheat (#4478) -
Woodland (#6) -


Autumn Harvest (#49) -
Butterfly Gold '79 (#4-N) -
Spring Blossom Green '79 (#1-N) -


Bake 'N' Carry Ivory (#4856) -
Bake 'N' Carry Rust (#4846) -
Bake 'N' Carry Yellow (#4750-Z) -
Stack 'N' Snack (#4800) -


Forest Fancies (#61) -
Shenandoah (#80) -


Bake N' Carry Country Blue (#4756) -
Bake N' Carry Country Cinnamon (#4757) -
Colonial Mist (#95) -
Homestead 2 (#100) -